10 Fastest Real Life Shortcuts

By | January 11, 2023

It’s said that there are no shortcuts in life. Well, technically, there are. We don’t call them that. Well, in this video, we’re going over 15 of our favorite shortcuts that we’ve used over the years.

Pick The Right Boat

Everyone works hard because everyone wants a better life. We’ve yet to hear someone tell us you know what? I want worse for myself. Outworking everyone isn’t a viable plan, though. If hard work were the only answer, people working in coal mines would have been the richest, so remember, this is your first real-life shortcut. The boat you are in is more important than how hard you row. That’s why programmers are currently massively overpaid. Statistically speaking, there is a huge shortage of programmers worldwide. There needs to be more of them, so they can choose what to pick for themselves. There are plenty of businesses out there that need programmers right now. Being in the programming boat is more important than how good of a programmer you are or how hard you work. This happens everywhere you look, so find the right boat and get your first shortcut.

Built To Sell

This is a business philosophy, but it also applies to individuals in the business building. To sell means doing Everything cleanly, solid, and organized. Nobody wants to buy an unpredictable business. When you think about it, you sell yourself constantly throughout your life. You sell yourself to a job, to a spouse, to a new group of friends, and so on, and just like in business, nobody wants to buy the unpredictable messy, and disorganized you. This will impact both your professional and personal relationships. How you present yourself will always impact how others Approach you to build yourself to sell, and the doors will start opening up faster.

Avoid Doing Unscalable Things

Doing one thing great one time is admirable but ultimately not that valuable. For example, pulling an extremely efficient all-nighter and getting that big project done in time is impressive, but it could be more important. What’s important is your ability to scale scaling means doing the work once and reaping the benefits over and over again. For example, an architect can build one house for one client at once or draw the blueprints of a pre-built house and sell the same project over and over and over again. Look around you and see what you can build to scale. We remember a while ago reading about a programmer who wrote a script that did his job every day for Him while he spent his time playing video games. There’s always something you can build to scale.

Plus, One Percent of Daily

People who get to say I made it do one exact thing that everyone else doesn’t want to do. They do the boring stuff consistently. Is it exciting to start a business or go on your path? Sure, but the exciting part is like 20 of it. The rest is boring, repetitive work. For another shortcut in life, get used to doing the repetitive, boring work because that work is getting you closer by one percent every day, and that compounds itself over time. Do this, and you’ll achieve a lot more in one year than others in ten.

Personal Education

The biggest shortcut in life is personal education. It’s got the highest leverage and the greatest returns. A highly educated person can connect dots that others don’t even see in the first place.

Abuse 80 20

It’s faster to build 10 good enough things than one thing to perfection. The 80-20 rule is the secret sauce that smart people use to move extremely quickly, and you should already be familiar with this. In almost Everything, 20 of the efforts give 80 of the results. For example, in a 10-person company, two People get most of the work done to find out what that twenty percent of work looks like and get it done fast.

Find A Mentor

A good mentor helps you to narrow down your best course of action. They’ve already done what you’re trying to do. They’ve seen it happen. They know what works and what doesn’t, so when the time comes, they can steer you in the right direction. It’s up to you to take the Steps, so whatever you’re trying to do, find someone who’s already done it befriend them, and be of use to them, or if that’s not a possibility, be a shadow mentee. Many people share their knowledge and insights online, so follow them, learn as much as you can from them, and ask them specific questions now and then. Who knows, they will answer.

Overlap Good Habits

Find where you can hit two birds with one stone with your habits. Let’s say you want to start your education and improve your health. Listen to the flux app while running two birds, one stone right there; find your good habits, whether already present or wish you’d had, then find an activity that hits as many of them simultaneously, and you’re golden.

Be Loud When Needed

It’s not always the most capable people that get ahead. It’s the loudest. That’s why sometimes you see incompetent people in positions of power. They’re not afraid, consciously or unconsciously, to be loud, have a backbone, Alexa, stand your ground, know your worth, and act like it. Remember that promotions usually go to employees who ask for them, not necessarily the ones who deserve them. It’s the same in life.

Measure Everything

Look, you can’t improve what you can’t measure, period. There’s a famous quote: infantry wins battles, and logistics wins wars. This means you can’t achieve something through brute force; hit the gym as hard as you want. You’re still only going to lose weight through tracking your caloric deficit finding the right metrics and measuring them.

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