Calgary Stampede reveals 57 weird and wacky midway foods for 2023

Calgary Stampede reveals 57 weird and wacky midway foods for 2023

The Calgary Stampede has just released its list of new midway foods for 2023, so dust off your cowboy boots and start preparing your stomach.

With 57 items, The Stampede’s annual list of strange, bizarre, and fantastic midway delicacies has something for even the pickiest foodies.
In the shape of revamped tiny doughnuts, hotdogs, and corndogs, this year’s midway will have several new variations on favourite flavors.

Naturally, a proper midway experience wouldn’t be complete without some truly outlandish treats. Consider the Flamin’ Hot dill pickle cookies, spicy pickle lemonade, and ketchup and mustard ice cream.
The Stampede midway has something for everyone, whether you want deep-fried snacks, sweet delicacies, or just want to experience something nauseatingly new.

The new foods introduced this year fall into three categories: If you dare, give them a try; put a bit yourself out there; and help save us. Scroll down to see the new Stampede foods for this year.
These waffle cones are dipped in your favourite sauce, sprinkled in complementary colors, and garnished with a fried or pretzel. Edmonton Stampede

a unique take on the midway’s most traditional carnival beverage. This lemonade is garnished with all the fixings for street corn, from a pinch of chives to a dab of salt, and is infused with spicy Tajin, corn juice, and a hint of lime.

Your favourite pickle lemonade on the midway is a spicy competitor. garnished with fresh jalapenos and infused

a five-day marinade of aged wagyu and elk meat in a 2010 Lokoya Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon for a 12-inch jalapeno cheddar dog. It is topped with melted cheese, German sauerkraut, onions, and banana peppers and placed on top of a bed of thinly sliced bundnerfleisch in a red pepper and sun-dried tomato ciabatta.

a gouda cheese- and alligator-trimmed 10-inch hot dog.


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