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Birria de Res Components 5lbs Beef chuck roast 7 bay leaves 6 garlic cloves …

Birria de Res

5lbs Beef chuck roast
7 bay leaves
6 garlic cloves
2 tbsp pepper
2 tbsp cumin
10 entire allspice (half tsp)
10 entire cloves
2 cap fills vinegar
half onion diced
7 chili quajillo
three chili ancho
three chili pasilla

Reduce meat into small items and salt each bit place in a pan with sufficient water to cowl meat, add in half onion, three bay leaves, four garlic cloves. Let boil for 1hr.

In a separate pan boil 7 dry chili quajillo, three ancho, three pasilla pods, three Roma tomato’s.

To a blender add chili’s, 2 small cap fills of vinegar, all spices besides bay leaves, tomato’s, some water used to boil chili’s. Mix til clean

Pressure blended sauce into pan of meat

Add 7 bay leaves and salt to style

Cook dinner for two hrs on M warmth. Checking each hr,

Reduce onion, cilantro, raddish, lime

Serve with rice and beans.

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