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Geef je standaardsalade een boost Begrijp me om te beginnen niet ongeschikt, ik ben een sukkel voor…

Boost your standard salad✨

To start with, don’t get me unsuitable, I’m a sucker for easy and fast salads, however let’s be sincere, all of us need one thing extra filling and scrumptious. Plus, having a protein added to it, is only a stage up!💣

So, on high of my veggie-filled salad I sliced a vegaliano_ seitan schnitzel which is simply to die for🥵 AND a hearty drizzle of mayoneur TRUFFLE MAYO! (can it go extra fancier than this?)

Peeps, I’m telling you that is such a (surprisingly) fast and deeelicious meal, I’m undoubtedly having it on repeat tomorrow!

Should you haven’t tried the most effective vegan mayo on the planet mayoneur is the place to buy! And vegaliano_ for the most effective vegan italian merchandise🙌🤩


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