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Kleurrijke en knapperige komkommersalade Deze salade is al jaren een nietje in mijn keuken v…

Colourful & Crunchy Cucumber Salad 🥒

This salad has been a staple in my kitchen without end! It’s nice to have available for the week + it will get higher because it absorbs the juices *so prep just a few hours earlier than you need to serve* 💯

• Sliced Persian Cucumbers
• Cherry Tomatoes sliced in half
• Thinly sliced Pink Onion
• Beneficiant drizzle of Pink Wine Vinegar
• Drizzle of Olive Oil
• Juice of half of Lemon
• Garlic Powder
• Oregano
• Black Pepper
• Sea Salt

Bonus Non-obligatory Components: capers, crushed pita chips, diced bell peppers

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