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Fall Farro-salade Nadat ik de vakantie-groente-hash van ik snel ...

Fall Farro Salad 🍂🧡

After I picked up the Vacation Vegetable Hash from traderjoes I instantly considered a heat comforting grain salad and this turned out precisely how I envisioned!

• Roast the Veggie Hash for about 35 minutes at 375 levels
• Cook dinner 3/four cup of Farro
• Mix & add in a handful of dried fruit (I used raisins however cranberries would work as nicely) & a handful of nuts (I used pine nuts however shaved almonds can be nice)
• Prime with dressing & mix collectively

• Drie eetlepels olijfolie
• Drie eetlepels prosecco-azijn
• 2 el + 1 tl citroensap
• 1,5 el ahornsiroop

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