Gezond Diner

Jongens, laat me jullie voorstellen aan de hemel op aarde - veganistische koekjes waren type genoeg geweest ...

Guys, let me introduce you to heaven on earth – ✨vegan cookies✨ had been type sufficient to ship me a bit of package deal with their TWO new flavors: Orange Chocolate and Blueberry Poppyseed and oohhh my god let me get began.

🍊This cookie is legit the love of my life I’d marry it. that’s the one factor I can say ab it. Comfortable on the within and crunchy exterior, with melty choc items and the beautiful orange essence. PURE LOVE.

🫐I hated poppyseeds all my life however I might have this cookie on a regular basis so that is my clarification of how good it’s. Very mild and I loooved the bluebs inside. Love love love

Guys I’ve no phrases simply plenty of due to the beautiful individuals for letting me style their scrumptious cookies and if you wish to deal with yourself- that is the place ! (very addicting tho, they lasted 2 hrs in my home)


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