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Heeeel mensen! Ik hoop dat jullie allemaal aardig zijn (leren en nooit scrollen op insta h ...

Heeello folks! Hope you’re all and nicely (learning and never scrolling on insta hahha)🌞

At the moment I’m again with a fast and scrumptious recipe for em busy uni days, so hear me out:

✨Chickpea crepe with delicate vegan cheese and salad✨

-for the crepe: combine 2 tbsp of chickpea flour with some nooch, salt, pepper, turmeric, garlic powder and dried parsley. make in a pan as you’d do a standard pancake.
– i crammed it with vegaliano_ delicate pepper cheese and topped with balsamic glaze (in the event you haven’t tried this combo but, tryyyyy it!!!!!!)
-for the plain ol salad is simply lettuce with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, salt, pepper and a mixture of seeds on prime

Accomplished in below 10 minutes, sooo scrumptious, wholesome and filling😍😍😍


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