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HIYAAA LIEFDE! Hoewel er nu een andere brekkie is, is het bijzonder omdat ...

Although right now’s put up is one other brekkie one,it’s particular as a result of I collabed with the superb vegan_avocadooo !!!
Although she is the actually queen of smoothie bowls,I attempted to lift to a good degree,so I current you this yummy and colourful smoothie bowl!

🌞base: frozen peach,carrot,pineapple,pumpkin(you possibly can’t even style it consider me:)) ) blended with 2 tbsp of canned coconut milk(you should use yog for the creaminess) aaand a small splash of almond milk.
🌞toppings: shredded coconut,cherries and half of a recent peach.

Alsoo,hop on vegan_avocadooo web page to legit drool over her superb creations!🌱🍑🍒

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