Gezond Diner

Ik heb niet eens echt het gevoel dat de herfst hier is, maar zo snel omdat het eind september is. Ik ben h…

I don’t even really feel that fall is right here however as quickly because it hits late september I’m right here with 🍌 bread on repeat!

I really feel like I haven’t baked in so lengthy particularly nana bread which I’ve been craving so right here it’s in all its magnificence😍

🍌bread recipe:
•three ripe nanas
•1 and 1/2cup flour
•cinnamon, spices and a pinch of salt
•2tsp baking powder
•1tsp baking soda
•1tbsp lemon juice
•1/3cup milk
•1/2cup floor almonds
•1tbsp maple syrup

Mixy combine and bake at 200C for 30-35minutes.

Get pleasure from this magnificent scrumptious piece of heaven🙌😍🌞


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