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onervaren godin smoothie bowl Het zomerseizoen is voornamelijk hier en hier ben ik helemaal voorbereid met ...

✨inexperienced goddess smoothie bowl✨

Summer season is mainly right here and right here I’m all prepared with my smoothie bowls. I simply love how simple,refreshing and so so wholesome they’re(plus i like beginning my day with fruit particularly in the summertime).

🥭This smoothie bowl is so easy, however will make you ✨glow✨! The bottom is simply frozen spinach and mango, however the secret add-ins are matcha,spirulina,cinnamon,maca and protein powder. All of them being superfoods, they assist your pores and skin,intestine,digestion and general well being so that is the proper breakfast ever🙌😍

🥥Topped with coconut shreds, hemp hearts, granola and goji, that is dr. well being in your bowl and SO DELICIOUS!

Attempt it and thank me later!🌞

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