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Marokkaanse couscoussalade Doorzetten met mijn experimenten in de keuken, dat is …

🌞Moroccan couscous salad🌞

Persevering with with my experiments within the kitchen, that is my twist on the unique moroccan salad.

✨The couscous has turmeric, cumin, curry and a few black salt.
✨Added shredded carrots , cucumbers and spicy olives.
✨Cranberries and raisins for the candy issue.
✨Topped with lidlnederland spicy almonds for some extra of that candy and spicy combo and likewise some crunch.

*Additionally added tahini on prime however that’s simply my obsession you’ll be able to omit that.

I’m not kidding you this was he smartest thing ever. Positively on my go-to meals to any extent further. Easy, simple and scrumptious, do this for an distinctive and wholesome lunch!



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