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plantaardige junkmaaltijden iemand? Ik ben uitgenodigd door om deel te nemen aan de “Hoe …

✨plant-based junk meals anybody?✨

I’ve been invited by beyondmeateu to participate within the “How Do You Smash” problem and naturally ya woman stated sure and moved straight to the kitchen!

I current you the ✨Past Mince Smash Burger✨(and fries)- a scrumptious, juicy and plant-based goddess, which you could too make in beneath 30 minutes (the fries take extra tho hihi). Simply kind some patties, fry (you don’t even want oil😮) and create your stunning burger- albertheijn bun, spicy mustard, salad, tomatoes, sriracha and a few vegaliano_ smoked cheese.

The fries I first boiled after which baked at excessive temp with a little bit of olive oil and salt till crisppp🥵😍

Who desires a beyondmeateu burger now?🙋🏼‍♀️🌱


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