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Quick and Straightforward Enchiladas Components 1 lb Hamburger Refried beans Flour tort…

Quick and Straightforward Enchiladas

1 lb Hamburger
Gefrituurde bonen
Flour tortilla
Purple enchilada sauce
Combined cheeses
Inexperienced onions
Taco seasonings

Brown hamburger with salt and pepper till now not pink, pressure and add in taco seasoning cook dinner on L warmth 5 minutes.

Warmth up refried beans.

In a baking dish pour crimson enchilada sauce.

Minimize up onion, and inexperienced onion.

Take your tortilla and add refried beans and hamburger, roll up ur tortilla and coat it with enchilada sauce.

Place rolled and coated tortillas on a baking dish; add combined cheeses, inexperienced onions, onions.

Bake on 425° for 10-15 minutes or till your cheese is melted.

Serve with some bitter cream, guacamole and rice.

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