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SMOOTHIE BOWL FOR BREAKFAST ANYONE? Because it’s beginning to get hotter and hotter,I …

Because it’s beginning to get hotter and hotter,I crave fruit soo badly and have it for breakfast and dinner haha.Am I the one one?
In any case,for breakfast right this moment I made a decision to strive wellbeingwithabigail banana-free smoothie bowl trigger I didn’t have nanas however I did have a ton of berries.
🌱In my bowl:
•frozen blueberries,blackberries,strawberries and raspberries,maca powder,almond milk,cinnamon,turmeric and pepper(so it prompts the turmeric).
🌱Toppings: contemporary bluebs and kellogs_corp coconut and cashew granola(which has no added sugars,has solely clear elements and it’s soo good).
Hope y’all are having an excellent day!🌞

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