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VANDAAG S LUNCH INSPO! Tofu 'nuggz' met gestoomde broccoli. Deze tofu dippers zijn…

Tofu ‘nuggz’ with steamed broccoli.
These tofu dippers are so good and style similar to hen nuggets I’m not joking(the feel is so spot on as nicely).All it’s important to do is coat them in a little bit of flour,then in almond milk and at last in a mix of breadcrumbs,dietary yeast and black pepper.Then,pun on a baking tray and allow them to within the oven for 20-30 minutes,till golden brown.Topped mine with a do-it-yourself garlic and herb sauce and boiled some broccoli and there you go-my superb,nutritious and easy lunch recipe!You guys HAVE to attempt to make this tofu is life altering I swear!

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