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je hebt een pizza gestolen, mijn hart, samen met je gluten- en zuivelvrije pizzabodems! ps…

eatbanza, you’ve stolen a pizza my coronary heart 🍕 together with your gluten & dairy free pizza crusts! P.S. they’re created from chickpeas 🙌🏼

I topped my za with:
• raoshomemade marinara
• violife_foods shredded mozz
• cherry tomatoes
• sliced pink onion
• pepperoni
• crushed garlic & olive oil
• oregano
• garlic powder
• added recent basil for the final 2 minutes within the oven

Baked at 400 levels for approx 15 minutes!

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  1. We know you can’t tell with all of these yummy toppings on us, but we are blushing from all of your love! 🥰

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